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Posted on July 28, 2016

Lemonwood Updated Render

We are really excited to announce that our school will officially open on Monday January 30, 2017! That is 186 days away!

Parent Education

Thank you to everyone who attended our first parent education workshop at the end of last term. We really enjoyed meeting new faces and reconnecting with others. The focus of this workshop was introducing the leadership team, explaining the links to our local cultural narrative and explaining our values.

As part of the evening, the participants spent some time responding to their thinking around our values and some questions we posed. For example “What aspirations do you have for your child”? The responses to these questions will be integrated into future workshops.


The Establishment Board and Leadership Team and have had a powerful week of learning. Here are some snippets.

On Tuesday night Nick, Jenni and I shared some extended thinking with the EBoT around our values. Over the last 3 weeks we have unpacked these further to ensure that they are in language that our school community will understand and connect with.

We have used an approach that outlines what the value is and why we believe it is important. We also have created a formula to use which will allow our learners to identify with and remember our values. For example:GRIT

We will share this thinking with you when the task has been completed.

On Wednesday the leadership Team visited Waimairi School and spent time talking to their inspirational leader – Mike Anderson and observing learning in their spaces. Waimairi have carried out a great deal of professional development with our guru Dr. Julia Atkin and so we were very interested in their journey over the last 8 years. We also visited the Learning Resource Centre at Heaton Intermediate to help inform some decisions we are going to make around our Information Landscape (library).

The Establishment Board really enjoyed their 2nd formal ‘walkthrough’ of our school on Wednesday. All the internal walls are being gibbed and painted at the moment. Our learning spaces are amazing and we can’t wait to share these areas with you.

Site Visit 27.7.16

Jenni visited our local Early Childhood Centre (Edukids) on Thursday and reconnected with Morag and her team. We are planning some innovative ways to collaborate with each other.

Thank you to …..

Thank you this week to Kaye Finlayson from Ray White Metro who has been promoting our school. 

Kaye Finlayson







Thanks also to Bruce, Phil and the team at Hugh’s developments who have allowed us to place signage advertising our school in the Faringdon subdivision.

Faringdon Advertising!

This week we welcomed Sarah Lewell our new Office Administrator. It is awesome to have Sarah on board at Lemonwood Grove!

image (2)

Next week Tracey our Establishment Board Chair, Nick, Jenni and I head to Melbourne to visit 5 innovative schools. We are looking forward to sharing our learning with you when we return.

And finally, check out our new website updates:

  • Date for when enrolments open for 2017 
  • New staff photo’s and bio’s
  • New photo slideshow
  • New enrolment tab

Please remember to contact us if you have any questions. Please encourage prospective new families to connect with us.



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