Term 1 – Week 6 Update

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Posted on March 10, 2016

This week I thought I would share some thinking around our learning spaces at Lemonwood Grove | Te Uru Tarata.

Our school has been designed by Stephenson and Turner, Architects and Engineers. Over the last 5 years they have led more than 40 education projects designing collaborative teaching and learning environments that empower students to not only succeed but also achieve as learners.

Stephenson and Turner’s ideas align closely with Hayball, one of Australia’s largest practices who specialise in educational architecture. Hayball have worked with leading education consultant Dr. Julia Atkin on a number of school projects.

They have used evidence based research to design our unique ‘learning landscapes’. These landscapes will provide a range of spaces that allow teachers and students to collaborate, present, integrate ICT, display, and use outdoor areas for learning.

Mark Newdick, our Landscape Architects have created a number of awesome outdoor  learning spaces. One major feature will be an ‘outdoor classroom’

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Recently I came across this image of an outdoor learning space at Limehills School close to my home town in Southland. A really simple idea but a great space!





Our  ‘learning landscapes’ will align to the specific needs of our school community, our values and beliefs around teaching and learning as well as the individual learning styles of our students.

Just a reminder, you are more than welcome to come up to the office at 817 Jones Road for a chat at any stage. I’m really enjoying meeting some of our new families. Sean

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