Lemonwood Grove School

We use Linc-ed as a platform for communicating and reporting to parents.

Our aim has been to implement a robust system that allows teachers, parents, and students to access learning in an online environment that is secure, easy, and effective. In terms of security, Linc-Ed commissioned Andrew Horton, an internet security expert, to write a report on the security features of the system. Andrew reported that the system was “as secure as some banks”.

Linc-Ed allows teachers to share learning anytime, anywhere and this can be viewed on any device. We are excited about the potential that the software offers. The system is designed to build year on year so that over time you will have access to comments, assessments, images, video and helpful resources all in one place.

You will also be able to access your account where school donations and trip/event contributions will be located.

Here is a short clip which will give you an idea of how the system works. 

Click here to find out how to access your Linc-Ed account.