Lemonwood Grove School

Please read our Information Booklet which contains key information about Lemonwood Grove School.

In addition, here is a list of frequently asked questions. Please contact us if you have a question you would like added.

Is the school a full primary (Year 1-8)?

Yes, we will be a full primary serving learners aged 5-12 years of age (Year 0-8).

What is the maximum number the school is expected to cater for?

We anticipate our opening roll will be around 100 students. Our school is being built in two stages. Stage one will have ‘Learning Landscapes’ for 450 students. Stage two will provide spaces for a further 300 students. Therefore our maximum roll will reach 750.

Will you have a Waitaha Satellite like West Rolleston School?

No, we are not hosting a Waitaha satellite. However, the Waitaha base school which is currently on Kirk Rd in Templeton will be rebuilt on the Lemonwood Grove site. This is due to open in 2018. Our two schools will have the opportunity to collaborate educationally, share certain facilities, and join together for selected events. However, each school will have its own governance and Board of Trustees.

Will there be single cell classrooms or collaborative learning spaces?

Our new school has been designed around the principles of collaborative teaching and learning in flexible spaces. This will allow our students to experience the breadth and depth of the New Zealand curriculum and develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for the future.

Will you have a pedestrian crossing?

Road safety is a priority for our Establishment Board of Trustees. Before the school opens there are two new roads that will be constructed to provide safe access into Lemonwood Grove School. We will be working closely with the Selwyn District Council and the New Zealand Land Transport Agency to ensure there are safe crossings across these roads. We are unsure at this stage if there will be a pedestrian crossing, however will keep you informed.

Will you encourage BYOD (Bring your own device)

Yes! We have an optional Bring Your Own Device programme for learners in years 3-8. We recommend and iPad or a Chromebook. For more resources and information about BYOD at Lemonwood Grove School, please refer to this document.

Will you run any parent and community focus groups before you open?

Yes. Now that our leadership team is in place, we will start developing our school based curriculum. As part of this process we will be engaging with our school community and providing forums to discuss teaching and learning and to ask questions. We are also planning to consult with our parent community on our proposed school uniform soon.


Will you be asking families for a “school donation”?

We understand that parents are faced with extra costs associated with starting a new school. Therefore the Establishment Board of Trustees have decided not ask our parent community for a voluntary school donation in 2017.

How do I know if I am in zone for Lemonwood Grove School?

If you go to the ‘Enrolment Zone’ area of the website, there is a map and description of our enrolment zone. If you are still unsure contact Sean for clarification. principal@lemonwoodgrove.school.nz

How do I go about ordering the school uniform?

Our school uniform requirements are on the website under ‘Enrolment’. All school uniform ordering needs to be done online through our provider – New Zealand Uniforms. The address is lemonwood@nzuniforms.com. We will advise the date when you can start ordering.  We will not be selling uniform items at school, however will have spare items available when accidents happen. New Zealand Uniforms are planning to open a store in the Hornby area in the next few months as they are also providers for Clearview Primary and Rolleston College.

Does the school have before and after school care provision?

The Establishment Board of Trustees consulted with the community recently and as a result have decided that we will offer provision for after school care. We can now confirm that Busy Bumbles will be providing before and after school provision for our learners. 

Will Lemonwood Grove have a school app?

We are currently looking into the possibility of having a school app.

Is there going to be a walking plan developed?

It is our intention to actively encourage all our learners to either walk, bike or scooter to school. Our landscaping plan has storage for bikes and scooters. We will also be working with the Selwyn District Council to develop a Safe Walking Plan.

When the school starts, will you have enough learners for sports teams.

The answer is probably not! However we have thought of a plan. We are hoping to combine with West Rolleston School to make up numbers until our roll increases. We don’t anticipate this will be an issue for long.

Will the learners at Lemonwood Grove be going on school camps?

At the moment we are developing Education Outside the classroom procedures and programmes. As part of this process we will be scheduling in a number of EOTC experiences for our students during their time at Lemonwood Grove School.

Will you be having vege gardens and an orchard?

As part of our landscaping plan we have designated an area for exactly that! It is our intention to work with our students around sustainable practices and growing produce will be one component. We going to involve our learners in the planning and design of this area so it won’t be ready on our opening day!

Will you run any parent and community focus groups before you open?

Yes. We are currently engaging with our school community and running sessions to provide updates on our progress, discuss teaching and learning and to ask questions. Please check the news page on our website and our facebook page for upcoming sessions.

Will I be able to start contributing towards the cost of my child’s school uniform prior to the school opening?

Our uniforms are being supplied by New Zealand Uniforms. They offer a “uniform club” which enables parents to begin saving towards the cost of uniforms prior to school starting next year. Please contact New Zealand Uniforms directly.

When will I be able to purchase school stationery?

Our staff will are currently looking at stationery items. We will advise you in Term 4 when final decisions have been made.