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Rolleston is located in the Selwyn District of Greater Christchurch. Rolleston town is 10 minutes from Hornby and 30 minutes drive from the town centre, with neighbouring community Lincoln only 10 minutes away.

The Selwyn District, with Rolleston at the centre, has experienced sustained and extraordinary growth over the last decade. The population of Rolleston has expanded rapidly since the Christchurch earthquakes due to the land stability and fast tracking of building consents by the Selwyn District Council. Population growth, house and land valuations in Rolleston have risen faster than any other area of the country, and demand is very high with many new subdivisions under construction.

The current expansion began in the 1990s. Rolleston had a population of 1,974 at the 2001 census, 3,822 at the 2006 census, with the current population nearing 12000.

Rolleston is a safe, family friendly town with many amenities such as the Selwyn Aquatic Centre, Community centre, Library and the Foster Park Recreation Reserve, including an excellent Dog Park. Supermarkets, a range of shops, a number of early childhood education providers and good medical care make for a convenient and vibrant family life in Rolleston. The Selwyn District Council has recently produced a development plan for the town centre which includes an event centre/library/technology centre complex and development of the Foster Park recreation centre.

Town Centre Plan

Rolleston will see a new Year 9-15 secondary school open In January 2017. At present, secondary students attend Lincoln High School, 11 kilometres from Rolleston.

Primary education in Rolleston is provided by; Rolleston School, Clearview Primary and Rolleston Christian School (state-integrated). West Rolleston Primary School will open in January 2016. All cluster schools are classified as Decile 10.

The Rolleston Learning Community Cluster of Schools is operating strongly in a collaborative manner to improve outcomes for all students in the Rolleston area. For example, a cluster-wide Teacher Only Day is planned for January 28 and 29, 2016. These professional learning days will be lead by the Sydney Centre for Innovation and Learning.

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