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Posted on September 09, 2016

Hi everyone

Thank those of you who completed our recent communication survey. We really appreciated your feedback and will use this to continually improve the delivery of our key messages to you around the establishment of Lemonwood Grove School – Te Uru Tarata.

Here are some graphics to summarise your feedback:







How might we improve our communication with you around the establishment of our school?

I think you have had a highly effective Comms pitch. Keep it up and best of luck with your new school.

Things are being communicated effectively already

My eldest is 2.5 so for now I’m happy with the level of communication

Your online presence is wonderful – the right balance of welcoming, professional and informative. Thank you.

I feel for me, Facebook is great with providing information

Just continuing the Facebook updates and progress, it is nice to be able to view the information when we have time and can processes it.


I am really happy with the communication to date, as a new parent to the school experience as we get closer to day one I am hoping the current quality of communication continues.

I’m happy – no suggestions

Thanks again for your feedback.



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